iKlear (iK-MCK) Microfiber Chamois Style Sprucing Fabric

iKlear (iK-MCK) Microfiber Chamois Style Sprucing Fabric

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Our iKlear Micro-Chamois Sprucing Fabric is a higher high quality, optical-grade micro-fiber polishing cloth. Manufactured from the greatest high quality micro-fiber materials, our Micro-Chamois Sprucing Fabric is extremely-soft and will not scratch your display screen when utilised in conjunction with our iKlear Monitor Cleaner. Our Micro-Chamois Sprucing Fabric is excellent for cleaning your iPod, Electronic Digital camera, and any floor necessitating a wonderful micro-fiber cloth. Just about every cloth is washable and reusable and will last hundreds of cleanings. iKlear is the only cleaner Recommended by Apple Tech Assist and utilised by Apple Treatment. iKlear and Klear Screen’s Sprucing Cloths are utilised by major Pros and Firms like CNN, ESPN, and additional. 


Washable & re-usable hundreds of moments, and can absorb up to five moments its weight in liquid.
Mix with Klear Monitor or iKlear Apple Polish to create the world’s safest, non-detrimental cleaning mix.
The only cleaner advised by Apple Tech Assist and utilised by Apple Treatment
  • 1 – Substantial Micro-Chamois Fabric
  • 1 – iKlear Stage 1/Damp Journey Singles

1- Substantial Microfiber “Chamois” Fabric
2- iKlear Journey Singles (Stage 1 Damp)
1- Journey Sizing DMT Antimicrobial Microfiber Fabric
100% Alcoholic beverages and ammonia absolutely free
Confirmed protection cleaning Lcd & Flat Panel Shows, Acrylic Circumstances
Anti-Static, Non-poisonous, Non-detrimental, Non-flammable

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$nine.ninety three


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