DELL 86X8X Notebook Slip Case 15″ Black

DELL 86X8X Notebook Slip Case 15″ Black

Keep your laptop safe during travel with the 15-Inch Slipcase, which has a sleek, portable design that makes it easy to take anywhere. The versatile, high-quality case guards against scuffs, scratches and dust, and it offers an extra layer of protection when stored within another bag. Convenient retractable handles add versatility and make it easier to carry. The slipcase is designed specifically for 15-inch , Precision and XPS Ultrabooks and Notebooks. Retractable handles let you change things up to suit your travel needs. Leave the handles extended when you use the case by itself, or retract them when transporting the case in another bag. Black.Designed to hold laptops of screen sizes up to 15″, the Sleeve from Dell is the perfect companion to your new mini notebook. This case combines style and durability, as well as versatility – allowing you to interchange between its reversible colors. This product has been tested and validated on Dell systems.

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