Via Voice 9.0 Standard Edition

Via Voice 9.0 Standard Edition

ViaVoice Standard Edition 9.0 has the voice recognition features needed for the small office or home office environment. ViaVoice Standard Edition comes with a noise-canceling headset microphone with earphone speaker, designed for voice recognition on the PC. Dictate, edit, and format text in ViaVoice SpeakPad, or in popular word processing applications such as Microsoft Word 97, 2000, and 2002.

Use basic voice commands to access and surf the Web in Internet Explorer. ViaVoice Standard Edition recognizes new words as you use them and adds them to your vocabulary, improving dictation accuracy the more you use the program. ViaVoice Standard Edition also features the natural dictation of numbers, dates, times, measures, and prices. With the Text to Speech feature, ViaVoice can read back both your typed and dictated text, making editing your documents easier.

An improved Analyze My Documents feature allows ViaVoice to recognize your writing style and the words you use frequently, leading to greater accuracy. You can then increase and customize your vocabulary through Vocabulary Manager.

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