Government Jobs in Information Technology: U.S. Federal-State-City Career & Job Guide

Government Jobs in Information Technology: U.S. Federal-State-City Career & Job Guide

“Where do I get an entry level or advanced tech job in government?” “What are the salaries?” “Will I make as much, or more than, working in the private sector?” “What are the Pensions like for tech jobs?” “What are the requirements?” “How is information technology different from computer science?” “Can I get a tech job in government with a college degree in any major?” “Is a college degree required, or is experience an acceptable substitute?” “What is an Experience & Education Test?” “Why is technology a sound long-term career choice working in today’s government?” “Where are the government tech jobs in U.S. Federal, State, and City government agencies and departments?” Job hunters, professionals, and would-be professionals will find the answers in this book. The answers are enlightening and will be a rallying cry for many to pursue a career in emerging technologies in government. The authors explain how government downsizing has created a leaner and greener government, with a new class of technology workers with higher salaries. The use of technology has created jobs in relational databases, web portal development, infrastructure development and maintenance, network computing, data security, e-Government, and e-Commerce. Civil Service job titles and open competitive hiring, with Union benefits including negotiated regular raises, pensions and other benefits now exist for these jobs. “What Jobs Are Available in Federal, State and City Government,” brings to the light the thousands of technology jobs that are called for in all 101 Federal agencies, in 50 U.S. States, and in most Municipal agencies. The reader will find accurate, current, detailed Tables for U.S. Federal and State and City information technology jobs, and IT jobs in over 30 U.S. States and cities. The Tables include IT job title, salary, 5-year salary projections, and estimated pensions. The financial facts clearly explain why, in today’s global economy, an IT career in government is a desirable choice. “Completing the Application & Hiring Process provides a step-by-step guide to obtaining an tech job in the Federal and State and City government personnel hiring systems. A college degree is not required for most government jobs, if there is experience. A Civil Service Exam is not required in most cases; experience is an acceptable substitute for education in most government jobs. This section explains how to fill out an Experience and Education paper or Knowledge-Skills and Abilities Statement, and how to understand Factors for Job Class Salary Ranking and Candidate Ranking. Appendices include sample U.S. Federal IT Job Announcements, sample State & City IT Job Descriptions with Qualifications Required, and required Application Forms. Technical and Non-Technical Tech jobs are described in articles on: C++ Computer . Java and JavaScript . Visual Basic . Sun Solaris, Unix, Linux, Network Tech Jobs . Oracle, SQL, Database Management . Software Programmer; Software Engineer . Network Programmer, Network Systems . Telecommunications . Web Developer . IT Procurement, IT Training, Project Management and more.

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